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The Beautiful Mama Blog Award and I Love how Babies are Made

Fellow homeschool Mom blogger over at http://www.mommymeditations.wordpress.com has been so kind as to give me a nomination for the Beautiful Mama Blog Award.  I really appreciate that. Motherhood is beautiful and I love when women are able to give each other that affirmation. Every mama is beautiful……..I’m taking Blue-eyes word on that. A new baby in the womb or in arms makes every woman beautiful.Image

So….three things I love about being a mother. I’ve been thinking about that this morning and it’s hard to narrow it down to three things. But if I must then here goes.

1. I love how babies are made, no seriously, I love that a young maiden marries a young man, full of potential,  hopes and aspirations for his family. For HIS family, the one thing that will tell the world who he really can be. With nervous hands and a humble heart he sets out to love a woman and build a legacy for the Lord. One that will bear his name and make him a patriarch.

I love that the Spirit of God reaches down to the earth at conception. I love to be pregnant, it makes me feel earthy and womanly and beautiful. I love to feel my baby growing in my womb, knowing I am providing the perfect house, cozy, warm and close to the beat of my heart.

I love birth, especially when it takes place in my bedroom, wrapped in the strong love and prayers of my husband. I love to feel the warmth of my newly born baby against my breast. I love the earthy smell. I love to hear the cry that tells me that God has bestowed upon this child the breath of life. I love to watch Blue-eyes tenderly cradling our baby in his arms. I love how babies are made.

2. I love how God has used motherhood to turn my selfish heart into the heart of a servant. We give up our free time, our figures,  our beauty sleep, many of our petty ways and we call it being a mama and it is love, Christ like love, agape  love, in it’s purest earthly form. When we become practiced in this love, without even trying, we become better wives, sisters, friends and daughters.

If we will humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God and learn from him, motherhood will make us stronger than we ever imagined, more gentle than we ever thought possible. It will make us wise and humble, funnier and more serious. It will make the scripture true that says, “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” In order to truly live first we must die to ourselves.  I love the goodness I am given by becoming a servant.

3.  I love that motherhood has given me an eternal perspective and in so doing has helped me learn to live in the moment. It has made moments hang achingly beautiful, suspended in a prism of time. When I hold a tiny sleeping baby to my heart and stroke a downy head and I think, I am a mom. This little one has been placed in my care and I must teach him to love beauty and goodness and to hate evil.

I must hold this little hand and endeavor to show this child the heart of God. Then I cry in my spirit, “God, please, show me the way! Please, take the hands of my Blue-eyed husband and me and lead us in the way that we should go. For the sake of these precious children, please,  bless us and keep us!”  And I hear His voice steady and sure,” I will feed my flock like a shepherd, I will gather the lambs with my arm and carry them in my bosom, and I will gently lead those that are with young.” Isaiah 40:11

I love that God called me and died for me when I was yet in my sins. I love that he has put my feet on the path of peace. I love that He has given me Blue-eyes to travel through life with and I love, love, love that He has thought it good to allow me to be a mom.

And who could I nominate but my Mom? She is the one who taught me to love God and babies, literature and writing. She has raised fifteen children together with my Father. Check out her blog at http://www.theraggedygarden.blogspot.com