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“Of a Small Daughter Walking Outdoors”


Of a Small Daughter Walking Outdoors

Frances M. Frost

Easy, wind!

Go softly here!

She is small

And very dear.

She is young

And cannot say

Words to chase

The wind away.

She is new

To walking, so

Wind, be kind

And gently blow

On her ruffled head,

On grass and clover.

Easy, wind…

She’ll tumble over!

ImageWhere has the time gone? It hardly seems that a year has passed since my sweet baby Lucy’s amazing, powerful birth, and here she is walking about, talking, giving kisses to the little stuffed dog she carries around with her.

How I thank the Lord for a little hand to hold, a sleepy nursing baby by my side all night. A tousled head and baby kisses in the morning, for brown eyes and baby talkin’, for sleepy Daddy voices singing love songs in the dark.

How I thank Him for these “golden years” of my life! When I am “Mama” and the treasure of my heart fits securely in my lap, smiling and beautiful.