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Pink~ It’s the New Black


She came into the world with scarcely a ruffle. Serene and beautiful was her birth. She was immediately enveloped in love by her Daddy and me and by her two young adult cousins, who were present at the birth. We named her Meredith Pearl, our sixth child. She was born at home, and I shall never forget those sweet honeymoon days after her birth, the spring sunshine flooding in our bedroom windows, a house full of love, visitors, and happiness because a child had brought into the world!

And, so her life has followed suit, she is sweet and gentle.  She doesn’t mind playing by herself. Quietly, she will busily play with her dollies. Many times we have suddenly said,”Where is Meredee?” Only to find her happily playing with her doll on the stairwell or in her bedroom.

Blue eyes is pretty sure that she will be a writer when she is older. She has a wonderful, pleasant imagination. One day, not long ago, the older kids and I were busy with school studies and she popped in the living room to announce that she was going swimming. It was a warm, sunny day, she got on her swim suit and went on the front porch, which was her pool, and had a lovely swim. We stopped what we were doing to watch through the window. With a huge smile on her face, her arms paddling round and round, she “swam” all about the porch, laughing with delight. Oh, we laughed until we nearly cried watching her! I’m sure she had just as much fun as if she actually were swimming! Of course, we all had to smoother her with smooches and hugs and tell her how adorable she was!

A couple weeks ago she told us, “My birthday is coming up, and after I turn four I don’t want you guys calling me cute anymore!” Almost every night she climbs into our bed, she dives right in the middle and burrows down under the covers, curls up by Daddy and goes back to sleep. Sometimes, she doesn’t even bother to start out in her own room. She just climbs in after prayers and says, “I want to sleep by you, Daddy!” Usually we just look at each other and say,”O, you’re only little once. Why not?”

She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES pink! She saw some sparkly pink skinny jeans at Wal Mart and really wanted them. (They were on clearance for $3, so it was her lucky day!) Bright pink boots at Good Will, had to have them! Her older sister told me that if she were the mom, she would not let her child wear those boots, especially to church! But you know what? You’re only four once. To her, if it’s pink, it’s beautiful and it matches- anything! (Besides, I had to remind her sister that when she was about this age, she wore bright pink rubber boots, everywhere! And a pair of snazzy pink sunglasses, even to church.)

When I was pregnant with her little sister Lucy, I ended up having to be on bed rest for the last six weeks. To pass the time, I made an online scrapbook/baby book for her. She loves to take it off the shelf, cuddle up by one of us and have us read it to her. It begins with my thoughts and prayers while I was pregnant with her, includes her birth story and ends at her first birthday. “See how cute I was?” She’ll say. “You guys loved me soo much!”

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And still we do, little Meredee! Truly, you have been a gift to us from the Lord! “An heritage of the Lord” just like the Bible says! A preacher from our church once told us that he had done a word study on this verse.  He said the word heritage here means an heirloom, something valuable and precious to be passed from one generation to the next. Isn’t that beautiful and fitting?

May He help us, each day, to live in His wisdom and grace, so that we may carefully care for this precious heirloom of the Lord!

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                            “The Lord has blessed thee, thou hast grown.                                                   What seeds of love thy life has sown!”