The World of Rembrandt and Free Books

ImageTwo of my favorite words in the English language, free and books. I love books of all sorts but free books are really cool. If they are old and free they’re even better. Seriously, I have yet to meet a homeschooling mom who can just walk by a box of free books. Hence the hoards of books that we pile up all over. Just looking around at all the book cases in my house makes me feel inspired! Sometimes, I must say, I think just gazing at all our books, on the shelf, will make us at least half educated. OK…..I know.

I was so excited to find these Time-Life Library of Art books in a free box somewhere along the way. I grabbed them up quickly before my homeschooling mom friend who was a few steps behind me could get them. (Just kidding! Sort of. But I would gladly lend them out anytime!)

Like so often happens books prove to be the source of my inspiration. I wasn’t sure how these particular ones would play into our school day but I knew they belonged here. I am a huge fan of the lovely Charlotte Mason and I love her idea of “picture study”. We have spent many memorable afternoons admiring and talking about famous and lesser known pieces of art. 

Earlier this fall I was flipping through these “World of…….” art books and I finally became inspired as to what to do with them. First though what to do with the nudity? I mean I have two sons. Two of the pictures, one of Bathsheba and another of Danae, I really wondered about. The other, Nude Seated on a Mound, not so much…….I decided to ask blue eyes because he is a man and he is wise. Anyway, he thought we should definitely err on the side of caution and get rid of the nudes so as not to put a stumbling block in our dear sons pathway. I really hated to do it in a way, but I used a glue stick and glued those pages together. You can hardly even tell they are there now unless you happened to notice the missing page numbers.  

I put together these lessons for our oldest daughter and she has loved them! I love them too because it takes very little effort on my part and I can see that she enjoys it so much! In fact  last week when she was studying Rembrandt she even got her brothers to be her students and set up a class for them using her lesson plan. As with anything on this blog you are more than welcome to modify and use my ideas to your heart’s content! Perhaps at a later date I will post the other lessons that go with the other books.

Monday: Look up Rembrandt in the encyclopedia and read the entire article. Write a summary about what you have learned. Be sure to include dates and locations. Where is Amsterdam? Find it on the globe.

Tuesday: As you may have read, Rembrandt liked to draw and paint self portraits. Study the self portraits on pages 7-14 in The World of Rembrandt. In which does he look the happiest? The saddest? The most peaceful?

Wednesday: Study the etching entitled Giving of Alms. Write a narrative about the picture.

Thursday: Look through The World of Rembrandt. Do any of the pictures really stand out to you? Write a paragraph or two about a picture you like and another about a picture that you dislike. Be sure to include the title and page number of each. 

Friday: Make a pencil drawing of yourself. Imagine that you want to capture the essence of yourself for future generations to see. Can you do it? Here you are just embarking on your journey as a young women! What feeling and ideas blend to make up who you are today? Can you catch them in your drawing? Make sure to sign and date your portrait. 






3 thoughts on “The World of Rembrandt and Free Books

  1. I love this. I think most of the things that have stuck with Eliza were taught like this. This is how people learn, not through cramming and examing.

  2. this is great Emmy. We are just getting into more art and music because I have been reading A Charlotte Mason Companion again. We had a very good dvd from the library on Rembrandt recently but I didn’t watch it first and it did contain the nude paintings. I will have to be more careful about screening so I can skip over things. We have also been watching a dvd on the revolution and they show lots of paintings that are really good.

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