I’m sitting here, coffee in hand. The cup is pretty, tulips. A child’s thoughtful gift from The Salvation Army. The coffee is perfect and makes me happy. Unlike my computer skills…..AHHHHH…..which are giving me a head ache with their un-savvy ways. But I’ve made it this far so I’ll forge ahead. Baby Lucy is nursing in my lap so I’m typing with one hand, which I’m pretty good at. Anything you can master one handed is good, in case, God forbid, you loose a hand, or you’re lucky enough to have received an abundance of goodness from the Lord. In the form of nice, suckling babies. Which I have. Seven in fact. Seven lovely babies, each coming at their perfect appointed time, marking the pathway of my adult life with goodness and grace.

From my oldest who came with her long curly eye lashes and looked innocently at her traumatized young mother as if to say,”Well, how DID you think I was going to come out of there?”  I don’t know, not quite in that way but I loved her so very, very much! Her Daddy and I beheld each other in awe, scarcely believing  that such a perfect, beautiful creature had come from our sweet, young love. To baby Lucy who seemed to just dive out of my womb into her Daddy’s arms. In our bedroom, a week after her due date. A tiny lady with a mind of her own. Each of them so unique. Each of them being used by the Lord to help me become a better Mom, a more selfless person, more like Jesus.

I wanted to create this blog for a couple different reasons. First of all because writing what is in my heart is therapeutic for me. It always has been. I come from a long line of writers and even when I was a little girl I wrote stories and kept diaries to help me sort out what was what. Back then I would write “Dear Diary…” and it felt so delicious to write my secrets down and lock up the little lock and no one would ever know what was in there! Ever! Except of course if I let my BFFs read it. Or if my pesky brothers found it. Then I’d be heart broken and seriously wish that brothers did not exist. But after a while I’d get over it and start a new Dear Diary. I still love to write it all down except now I don’t really have any secrets because everyone already knows that Emmy+Burdette=true love forever! Besides I walk in the light, where there is no darkness at all. A few babies ago I used to look at some of the women that I know, ones with big families which they homeschooled. I would wish that I could be a fly on the wall for a few days and see how they actually did it everyday. I’m sure I don’t even come close to appearing to have it half as much together as those ladies did but I hope this blog might be useful to someone. An inside view of the life of an ordinary woman doing some extraordinary things. I call raising and educating seven children for the Lord extraordinary. I call motherhood at it’s finest extraordinary. I know that my life would be a disaster if it were not for the fact that The Good Shepherd is the one who leads me each day. And he is always, always faithful to his promises and listen to this one:” Behold, the Lord God will come with a strong hand, and his arm shall rule for him: behold, his reward is with him, and his work before him. He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young.” Isn’t that priceless? He will carry our lambs and gently lead us. His good triumphs over all our grumpiness, craziness, ugliness……if we will let Him He will lead us in the way that is called perfect peace.


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